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Already the end of Decentraland? Discover the new Metaverse that could explode in 2023!


 Already the end of Decentraland? Discover the new Metaverse that could explode in 2023! , After experiencing its heyday in 2021, Decentraland is in real freefall on the crypto markets. The native token of the Decentraland platform (MANA) is trading at just $0.4263 on the markets, a far cry from its all-time high reached on November 30, 2021 at $4.886. We present to you in this article the new Metaverse game which could well explode in 2023: RobotEra .

Already the end of Decentraland? Discover the new Metaverse that could explode in 2023!

What is the RobotEra project?

If you do not yet know the RobotEra project, this is the opportunity to discover, in more detail, the project of this new Play to Earn platform in this article. We already presented this gaming platform to you on November 10 . In the space of a few days, the first phase of the public presale has progressed well.

A Minecraft-like game

RobotEra is a construction game (like Minecraft) in which each player will create his own world in a virtual universe. To make the game even more captivating, players will be able to earn money on the marketplace by selling their NFTs .

The game takes place on the planet Taro located in a distant galaxy. It's an absolutely beautiful planet, until a surprise war breaks out between the Aborigines and their own creation: the Robots. Following this war, the aborigines will be exterminated, the planet will be totally devastated and only the group of robots with a human spirit will survive and become the new master of the planet.

Each player becomes a Robot on Taro's planet. The main robot of the game will thus be able to build its own robots: the companion robots. Companion robots will be needed to collect raw materials, mine minerals, build factories and thus craft other companion robots. It is expected that each companion robot will have its own capabilities and thus become a unique NFT that can be traded on the marketplace.

A 100% immersive platform

RobotEra's goal is particularly ambitious. It is about creating and providing players with a multi-dimensional metaverse platform which should integrate several features, like management, entertainment, exploration, creation and interaction. RobotEra wants to provide a 100% immersive gaming platform for all users. In particular, there is talk of integrating virtual reality during the 1st or second quarter of 2023.

A real play-to-earn game

The Play-to-earn game wants to become a platform that will allow each player to have fun while becoming financially independent. The platform anticipates significant additional income for the best players. RobotEra provides a shared multiverse that connects to other worlds. It will be possible to create and sell your own NFTs on the platform's official marketplace. The game's marketplace will allow you to buy the creations of other users (the NFTs).

A safe and reliable project?

The project is supported by Lbank Labs and thus has financial assistance from this organization. SharkTeam's inspection of the contract's technical code did not reveal any major security issues. The report can be downloaded here . Another very positive thing for the project, the identity of the team members has been verified by the specialist Coinsniper.

RobotEra: more than 100,000 dollars raised in a few days!

Fundraising for the RobotEra platform is a real success . Despite the gloomy climate linked to the liquidity crisis of the FTX platform, the platform has already raised more than 100,000 dollars. A success that clearly demonstrates the confidence of investors in the project. We must admit that the game is very attractive. The project is supported by Lbank Labs and it benefits from technical and financial assistance from the cryptocurrency exchange platform Lbank.

The $TARO token in public presale

The $TARO token is the digital currency that powers the RobotEra universe. The price of the $TARO token is currently set at 0.02 USDT during the first presale phase of the current token, but the price of the current token is expected to increase over time. The price of the token should thus reach 0.025 USDT during the second phase of the presale. Investors interested in this cryptocurrency and the gaming platform therefore have an interest not to miss the first phase of the current presale.

The public presale foresees a total of three presale phases . The platform foresees a maximum circulation of 1.8 billion tokens. The public presale therefore concerns only 15% of the total number of tokens. The first phase of the current public presale thus provides for the marketing of 90 million tokens (5% of the total), while the other two phases each provide for the sale of 90 million tokens.

How to buy the token: $TARO?

Payment for tokens is normally done in USDT, but it is also possible to buy tokens with ETH in your wallet. The platform recommends using MetaMask on your computer. You will need to claim the tokens from a claim form accessible on the official website of the gaming platform at the end of the public presale.

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