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Binance launches free online courses


 Binance launches free online courses , In the wake of the Binance Academy, the exchange giant now offers online educational modules on crypto-currencies accompanied by a certificate delivered in the form of an NFT. A way to participate in everyone's education on the blockchain and crypto ecosystem!

Courses and a certificate at the key!

Binance announces the launch of free online courses . A way to educate the public about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Web 3 in general. These courses will discuss the uses, advantages but also the risks that are linked to crypto-currencies.

Binance launches free online courses

These courses will take place on the Binance Academy and will be accessible to everyone. The beginner course will consist of 6 modules that will explain the basic principles of crypto, blockchain technology and different investment strategies. At the end of this course, participants will receive a certificate in the form of an NFT .

This course entitled “ Blockchain Fundamentals ” will soon be accompanied by intermediate and advanced level courses . Additionally, Binance will launch professional certificates for people aspiring to enter the blockchain industry professionally. These modules will be available in English before other languages ​​are phased in.

Binance CMO He Yi says of these courses:

The blockchain industry is still in its infancy. Many new concepts, such as NFT and metaverse, are invented. We believe creators and builders shape the future of our industry. Therefore, it is essential to equip more creators and builders with the necessary knowledge.

Binance Academy: already a success

Millions of users already have access to Binance Academy content . On this educational platform, there are dozens of courses on many subjects: What is Sharding? What is Metavers Real Estate? What is Delegated Proof of Stake?

A tool that allows everyone to train and strengthen their knowledge in the field of Web 3. To develop this content, the exchange has collaborated with renowned universities such as MIT, Harvard and Oxford.

Also this new course for beginners aims to strengthen this already well-stocked offer at Binance. This launch also highlights the company's efforts in favor of the community. In addition to this announcement, Binance has just launched a support fund dedicated to the crypto ecosystem . Welcome news in the context of the crisis that we are currently experiencing in the crypto market.

Binance continues its development and secures its place as market leader , as evidenced by recent figures from CoinGecko.

Educational content to build skills

Many platforms offer educational content dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Among exchanges, Kraken offers a “ learn ” tab rich in information through numerous video modules. Kraken regularly organizes different webinars to build skills on different topics.

Another interesting resource, MIT makes one of its courses available for free on YouTube. The “Blockchain and Money” course given by Gary Gensler, the current chairman of the SEC, provides the basics to understand blockchain technology and its implications. A premier resource from one of the best universities in the world.

The bear market context is ideal for learning and strengthening your skills . Far from the euphoria of a bull run, it allows you to take the time and learn the basics of this very special environment. These skills can be put to good use during the next bull run and you will avoid many mistakes!

In addition, this learning can also be the beginning of a more global reflection for who knows, to consider a retraining in a buoyant sector!

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