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The best green crypto of the year crosses the milestone of $12 million raised during its presale


 At the time of the crypto boom, some of them offer an innovative operation that allows them to stand out among the masses. Between Play To Earn cryptos, those that offer market analysis like D2T, eco-responsible cryptos are flourishing.

Green cryptocurrencies are on the rise. They present a new way of investing and generating income while investing in the ecological cause. It is the dream of any investor wishing to combine speculation and conviction, when we know that the crypto industry pollutes heavily because of its energy consumption.

The best green crypto of the year crosses the milestone of $12 million raised during its presale

IMPT, the native token of the Impact Project based on the Ethereum blockchain, continues to be talked about, and seems to be the best green crypto of the year 2022! Raising colossal funds in a few weeks, analysts lend him a bright future for the next few years.

IMPT breaks all records with $12 million on its pre-sale

The cryptocurrency community believes in this project! As soon as the first presale opened, the project raised nearly $500,000 in 48 hours. And it is, almost a month after the launch, $12,029,886.98 that has been raised out of the $25,980,000 needed to move to the presale phase n°3 , This clearly shows the interest of investors and their faith in the project. According to analysts, this market could represent more than 700 million dollars in 2027.

The best green crypto of the year crosses the milestone of $12 million raised during its presale , This fundraiser looks especially extraordinary when looking at the cryptocurrency market which has been in a bear market lately. Indeed, we talk a lot about the bear market, the indicators show a curve that points downwards. But some analysts, including Van de Poppe, predict a market rise that should happen quickly according to the Nasdaq curve which is rising. The price of Bitcoin seems to correlate with this.

The IMPT therefore stands out with these favorable predictions, the token sold at the price of $0.018 during the first presale is currently sold at $0.023, its price will increase during the third phase which could most certainly be completed before the deadline. which was set for January 31, 2023

What are the virtuous objectives of this eco-responsible currency?

This green currency explains the functioning of its project on its launch site, it is involved in the ecological fight, which does not leave our investors indifferent in view of the funds already raised. IMPT comes from the decentralized platform, The Impact Project, its objective is to highlight green initiatives , carefully pre-selected by its developers, and to invest in them in order to facilitate the implementation of their actions. These environmental projects are not yet available on their site, but will be very soon.

Consumers, individuals or businesses, will be able to reduce their carbon footprint by helping these initiatives by financing them through the purchase of carbon credits. This credit is a certificate issued to companies to prove that the project has avoided producing a certain amount of CO2, and therefore made the company more eco-responsible. Already 10,000 brands trust the project as is the case with Apple, Chanel, Hugo Boss, etc.

These carbon credits will take the form of NFTs, which you can acquire by obtaining IMPT tokens, which can be bought, resold and traded on the platform. By obtaining this carbon credit, the company invests in an environmental project. It receives funds to operate, so both parties are positive beneficiaries of this transaction.

How to invest in IMPT?

To invest in IMPT , you need to have a crypto wallet like MetaMask or TrustWallet . IMPT works with the Ethereum blockchain. Replenish your ETH token wallet and head over to the official project website. Once done, all you have to do is connect to your wallet by clicking on the “connect wallet” button. You can now buy the amount you wish to allocate to the acquisition of the precious tokens!

My tokens are not displayed on my wallet after purchase, why?

Many users are wondering about networks. After obtaining their tokens, they are not displayed in their wallet, a small wind of panic seizes them. Let's not cry scam, there is an explanation! As explained by the IMPT developers, the tokens will be recoverable once the presale ends. They are therefore not displayed in your wallet but directly on the IMPT site in the “you own…” section. followed by the number of tokens you have. You can use them when the platform has completed all of its three presales.

IMPT is built on the ashes of projects like IOTA

IOTA also aims to make the crypto market greener. This network is known for facilitating microtransactions, especially in the sector of IOTA, the Internet of Things. The objective of the IOTA platform is to propose a new approach, taking into account environmental issues, avoiding the use of minors to carry out transactions made by blockchains.

But then how? Their eco-responsible proposal is to go through the Tangle network, which works thanks to a collaborative system, the miners are replaced by the users of the network, which makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions through energy consumption. A simple system, because the user must confirm two transactions before his is validated. An idea that drastically reduces the carbon footprint… at the sacrifice of speed and efficiency.

The IOTA cryptocurrency now shows a drop of 6.73% as of October 22, 2022. IOTA will still have had its moment of glory when it was released with an innovative concept. IMPT simply does better than its predecessor on paper. It remains to be seen whether this will materialize in the future. If you want to learn more about other promising crypto projects, head over to our in- depth page on that topic .

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