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Will cryptos go up? Find out what 5 experts think


 Will cryptos go up? Find out what 5 experts think , As you know, between Terra Classic, Celsius, Alameda Research and finally, FTX, the crypto market is very shaken up. But what if we told you that the situation is not as catastrophic as it looks? Some experts indeed believe that the crypto has entered the resistance phase .

In other words, purchases begin to offset sales. When looking at Bitcoin, a true crossroads takes place between the two variables .

Will cryptos go up? Find out what 5 experts think

However, the data are complex and the analyzes subjective, whatever one may say. While a rise to $18,000 is expected, some point to a misleading effect . Let's take a closer look at the arguments put forward by experts on this subject.

Van de Poppe's view that sees Bitcoin at $18,000

Michaël Van de Poppe is a crypto-currency analyst , widely followed on Twitter. He has nearly 643,000 followers on the platform. The man is a skilled entrepreneur and often has in-depth analyzes of the cryptographic sector.

And this one seems very optimistic about the future of Bitcoin for the next few days. And it must be said that BTC gave us a nice comeback during this week. Its price went from around €15,200 on November 22, 2022 to around €16,100 on November 23, 2022. This is still a nice increase of 6% in a single day!

For Mr Van de Poppe, this situation should last throughout the week before reviving. For him, it is very likely that BTC will experience a rally to around $17,500/$18,000 at the high .

However, this one does not give us more information on the rest. This phenomenon is likely to be ephemeral and not immune to a new scandal. If the crypto sector has experienced more than scandalous bankruptcies, it is not impossible that new cases will break out .

Michaël Van de Poppe's strategy is however clear. In such a context, he advises investors to put their funds in big assets like BTC and ETH and see for the long term .

Obviously, the possibilities of big gains are limited in a context in crisis. But the analyst firmly believes in the potential of cryptoassets. He thinks these can grow by next year .

Capo Of Crypto: an apocalyptic prediction for this expert

Capo Of Crypto is one of those respected people on Twitter in the crypto industry. He has 675,000 followers and provides financial advice on a regular basis.

And for him, BTC is not recovering at all. On the contrary, Capo Of Crypto designates a trapping phenomenon that will soon reveal all the limits. According to him, BTC's capitulation is near and as such, he has pulled out of the market entirely.

He also said about the crypto sector:

Positive ambient social dominance is a bad thing for Capo of Crypto

Social dominance refers to the general opinion on social networks. Some trading platforms base their forecasts and analyzes partly on this data. Therefore, social dominance is a very powerful phenomenon that greatly influences the market. For BTC, this remains relatively positive.

For Capo Of Crypto, this enthusiasm leads to biased judgment by newbie investors . The latter, happy to see their token at 16,000 dollars, could well buy some before reselling them at the slightest bear run.

For the analyst, this resistance will not last long . He believes that BTC should stabilize at the $12,000 support level instead.

Jesse Powel and Pantera Capital see far with BTC

For the two protagonists, Jesse Powel and Pantera Capital, it is truly in the year 2024 that we will be able to glimpse the true trend of BTC. Because it is during this period that the next halving will take place , halving the number of available tokens. This process takes place every 4 years, and often has the effect of causing BTC to explode in value.

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